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About Innovation Platform

Innovation is about creating value from ideas. It can increase the likelihood of your business succeeding. But creating innovative ideas that the market wants, and delivering them quickly is difficult to do and to sustain.

SoftServe’s Innovation Platform is designed for corporate usage: to help companies harness ideas of their employees and collectively create innovations.
Innovation Platform delivers a framework for outside-in and crowdsourced ideation. No matter where you are in your journey, creativity and innovation are used in a systematic way to look beyond the usual, uncovering solutions that the target audience wants.

If your company is using SoftServe Innovation Platform, or you accepted an invitation to use it and created an account, install this app and login with your account to:

INVESTIGATE. Gather and share background and research.
IDEATE. Generate and share ideas—ideas that inspire newer, better ideas—through creative activities that encourage active participation.
DISCUSS. Comment, like, and dislike posts and ideas in real time.
VOTE. Choose the best idea.

Pranay Singh
Nice app our innovator community.
Yes I am