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Fake Call - Fake incoming phone call Prank Screenshot 1
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About Fake Call - Fake incoming phone call Prank

Get out of the trouble, give yourself a fake call. FAKE INCOMING CALL.
Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview.
Create a fake call with your phone without actually being called.
Call your own phone from any person you choose.

Key Features:

Schedule the fake incoming call.
Set a character for example fake incoming call from mom, police, girlfriend or pizza or any other name you want to select.
Change caller picture, name and number.
Choose a fake caller from your contacts.
Record your voice: The voice can be played automatically when you lift a call.
Tap character to choose girlfriend picture.
Option to show incoming fake call in full screen. Schedule when to receive a fake incoming call prank.
Choose delay time to receive fake Call

Why use our app Fake Call prank?

✔ You can create Fake Call and fool your friends.
✔ You can make fake calls all you want and receive Fake Call.
✔ Faster, better, and 100% FREE, exclusive on Google Play.
✔ Animated answer and decline sliders in the fake call as in a real phone call
✔ Choose beautiful color phone caller screen themes for your call screen!
✔ Option to show incoming fake call in full screen.
✔ Fake Call Prank does not require internet connection.
✔ We will update the application regularly.
✔ Simulate Fake calling screen as real.
✔ You can customize and change ringtone from your phone.
✔ Recorded audio will play after you pick a fake call.
✔ You can change and pick any image from Gallery to set Fake caller ID.
✔ Choose a custom fake call voice for fake calls. The fake call voice can also be turned OFF if desired.
✔Choose if you want vibration with call or not.

tricked your friends that a celeb is calling your phone.
fake call that actually has a fake person talking.

Disclaimer: Fake call, Fake Caller ID does not have a real incoming call feature - it just a simulated incoming call. This app is Just for Fun. Images used in screenshots and icons are just to let you know about the app.

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It is very reliable service for fake incoming phone call prank. It's no need further request requirements. It does 100% accurately what it says. Developer team performance is really appreciate able.
Tauqeer Sarwer
Excellent graphics I recently install and use always in future must install all friends and use it I really want to install and recommend that all friends I looked always in future must install.
Funny Duniya