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About Sleep Timer Pro

This app doest exactly the same as the free version (Sleep Timer), which you can find here (, but this version does not contain any ads.
Please try to use the free version first before buying this application.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. If you wish for the screen to turn off with the timer, this must be activated in the app's settings. Some devices may require you to disable device administrator for uninstalling the app. This can be done from the Android Settings at any time.

Meet Sleep Timer!
Sleep Timer lets you configure a timer for turning off any media that is currently playing on your phone. You can also sleep WiFi, Bluetooth and even the Screen!

Works with ALL media players
Works with Spotify, Youtube or any other media player that you love. Simply start the music from your favorite music app, and set the timer.

Sleep Bluetooth & WiFi
Want to deactivate Bluetooth and/ or WiFi after a set amount of time? Simply visit the settings menu to configure your timer! The app will help you conserve your battery.

Turns off your Screen
Falling asleep while watching videos has never been easier on your battery. Sleep Timer can also turn off your screen when the timer runs out? Visit the Settings menu to activate this functionality, and doze off as you watch your favorite videos :)

Control it from the Notification Center
Want to listen a little bit longer? With Sleep Timer you can easily extend your timer directly from the Notification Center. Want to disable the timer alltogether? You can do this aswell, without the hassle of opening the app. You can also shake to extend the timer, and set the amount of minutes to extend yourself!

Experiencing Issues or Want something changed?
Contact me, either through mail, or by leaving feedback on the app. I will strive to make sure the app meets your needs! All you need to do is let me know.
Contact us on Facebook!

I hope you enjoy it!

Uses: under Apache License Version 2.0 under Apache License Version 2.0 under MIT License under Apache License Version 2.0

Works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy tab S6. Using the screen recorder function on my tablet and used the app to turn off the screen after 2 hours. Works great 😊 👍
Chris Gunter
Happy to pay to remove ads, because this works for YouTube Premium in the background and with the screen off, which a couple other apps I tried did not.
Kate Nepveu
Best in class for the price I've used other sleep timers after google took google play music down and refused to put the sleep timer back into youtube music, and this one fires on all cylinders. Easy to use ...
Jesse Duvall