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About VoomVoom

Turn your car into an exotic car as you drive!
VoomVoom, is an application which allows you to enjoy the powerful experience of driving a sports car, by simulating the engine sound of the vehicle you choose.
Voom Voom also brings a new experience with the kids mode! Have fun with your kids while driving an airplane, tractor and even a jetmobile! Share with them the VoomVoom excitement with smile on their faces.

You can choose between supercars, muscle cars, kids vehicles and more.

Plug your device to your car's audio system, using aux cable or bluetooth , and you are ready to go...
All car engine sounds are authentic and were recorded from real cars.

You can chose between Standard and Professional mode(OBD):

1. In Standard mode VoomVoom uses your device sensors (accelerometer and GPS), in order to provide you a realistic sound, while matching your real time driving.
Effects like Backfire, Gear Shift, Kick Down and various surprising sounds for kids vehicles will be activated automatically according to your driving.

2. Professional Mode (obd2) - For even more realistic experience you will need to use obdii connector to your car. In this mode the car sound will be fully synced with your real RPM. This mode requires subscription to one of VoomVoom plans.

List of sports cars you can simulate with VoomVoom:
Alfa Romeo 4C
Porsche 911
Agera Koenigsegg
Dodge Challenger
Dodge SRT
Aston Martin DB9
Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Spyder

List of vehicle for the kids mode:
Farm Tractor

And more to come... Keep Tuned!

Voom Voom provides FREE sports cars engine and 2 FREE Kids vehicles.

Other vehicles can be purchased with golds that you can earn by:
- Purchasing gold packages
- Driving and earning golds based on your mileage
- Sharing VoomVoom with your friends

Join our community, and enjoy the world of VoomVoom!

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Meenakshi Sharma
QUESTION. does this app work with the obdeleven dongle?
Daniel Arora
This app is awesome. I am looking forward to getting an OBD2 just for this app. Drove for two hours using the sound from a Camaro ZR1 and it made driving an equinox even more FUN! I wish it came with more ca...
Caitlyn Math
Its fantastic car simulator for kids. I am fully satisfied because its really fully entertaining and lot of fun app..Thanks for developers....
Rajat sharma Bhardwaj
Boom Boom nice app
tabdi Bhattacheej
The voom voom it is an advanced application in which you can play car games with mind-blowing background graphics available of this game application.
Remo Bhai