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About Morimoto XBT RGB

The Morimoto XBT RGB Color Control app is designed especially for use with Android devices. Inside, you've got control over nearly everything! The color-wheel allows you virtually infinite control over the exact hue and intensity of your RGB accessories. Adjustable Fade, Strobe, and pre-programmed color-changing themes provide a handful of special effects to spice it up. If you've got a few favorite combinations, you can save them to your favorites list and load 'em up again later with ease!

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At first it was awful.... But then I messed around with it and changed some settings, (Only turn Location On in App settings) and 2 days later I finally got it to work. Haven't had a problem since, works gre...
Hailey Miller
Paired to my Galaxy S8+ after I allowed location permissions within the settings for this app specifically.
A Google user
Works great! On android i had to manually allow permissions. Setting then choose apps then RGB and enable permissions. My only complaint is not being able to control brightness on the strobe and fade setting...