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About German Irregular Verbs Wizard

You are about to learn an incredibly efficient and fun technique to memorize the German past tenses of the most relevant German irregular verbs. You will be able to master the German Präteritum- and Perfekt-forms in less than two hours. Start right away with learning the technique, or get familiar with all theory in just a few minutes. It's up to you.

Everything is explained in understandable language. After your training you can test your knowledge and find out whether you have finally mastered the irregular verbs in German.

This app contains
- a very effective and easy to learn memory technique to master any German irregular verb
- beautifully illustrated memory-images for the 80 most important irregular verbs in German
- tests of the Präteritum and Perfekt past forms
- short videos in English language with transcripts on the following German grammar topics:
-- how to build the German past tenses,
-- The mixed verbs
-- The "Perfekt mit sein"
-- The difference between the Perfekt and the Präteritum
-- The Plusquamperfekt
-- A powerful pattern to quickly memorize ~20 irregular verbs with help of a mirror
-- How to learn up to 400 further German irregular verbs in less than five minutes
-- A certificate to show your mastery of the German past tense

German grammar has never been this fun, concise, and clear. Discover the beauty of the German language and learn German fast. The Irregular Verb Wizard is just the beginning.

Janaki Raju
Great app! I didn't expect it to be this useful! Well done!!! (Btw, there is a small typo in the card with lassen, should be 'lets go', not 'let's go')
Marcin Kielczewski
Very encouraging for the new learners. I have gone through many apps but this has really a plus factor. I suggest it to all the people who want to learn Deutsch with comprehension at the start. It is very cl...
Ahmmad Tahreem Cheema