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About Uni Calculator - All In One

Did you install different calculators for different purposes😶? So your trouble is over now. All your needed calculators are here in one app for speedy work.

App Features & Types of Calculators :

1. Basic calculator:- Simple calculator for math purposes.

2. Unit calculator:- This will convert two different units, like mm to cm, m, inch ft & more.

3. Currency calculator:- Convert different currency rates.

4. Discount calculator:- Calculate the discounted value.

5. SIP calculator:- Calculate your SIP, which results in estimated return and total invested amount of your money value.

6. Tip calculator:- Calculate tip with the total bill amount and also calculate the amount per person including tip.

7. Date calculator:- This will calculate the date difference to calulate number of between dates.

8. Fuel calculator:- Enter any three values & calculate different fuel fields.

9. GPA calculator:- GPA calculator means calculating grade points based on grades.

10. GST calculator :- Calculate gst with different GST percentage of GST.

11. Loan calculator:- This will calculate EMI, interest, and total amount with principle.

12. World time:- This will give the time of different countries.

13. Percentage calculator:- Calculate the percentage of different value.

14. Savings calculator:- Salculate the total saving balance.

Use all in one calculator to help save space on your device and avoid handling many different calculators.

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