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About Phone Compatibility Checker

With Phone Compatibility Checker App, you can check your device related information which provides information about Device Info, Battery Info, Battery Alerts, Memory Info, Display Info, Notification Logs, CPU Info, Installed Apps, System Apps, WIFI Info and many type of device test are available.

**App Features**

Device Info:
~ Device Name, Model, Manufacturer, Board, Hardware, Display, OS, Fingerprint, USB, Host, Root.

Battery Information :
~ Level, Power Source, Charge Remaining, Temperature, Voltage, Capacity, Charge Alerts

Memory Info:
~ RAM, Internal Storage, External Storage

Display Info:
~ Resolution, Density, Physical & Logical Size, Font Scale, Brightness Level & Mode, Screen Timeout, HDR Capabilities, Orientation

Notification Log:
~ Display Notification History

CPU Info:
~ Processors, Supported ABIs, CPU Architecture, CPU Type, Cores, CPU Frequency, CPU Usage, GPU Renderer, GPU Version, GPU Vendor

Apps Info:
~ User Apps, Installed Apps, All Apps, App Version, Target OS, Installed Date, Updated Date, Permissions, Activities, Services

WiFi Info:
~ WiFi Name, Frequency, Channel, Link Speed, IP Address, MAC Address, Router MAC

Camera Test:
~ Test both Rear camera, Font camera and test camera flash

Sound Test:
~ Test Phone Speaker and Microphone

Ports Test:
~ Test USB Port and Charging Port

Screen Test:
~ Test each and every pixel of the mobile screen and check brightness level

Sensor Test:
~ Test Volume buttons, Home button and Screenshot

Hardware Test:
~ Test Vibration, Fingerprint, Light sensor and Proximity sensor

Motion Test:
~ Test Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass orientation

Display Test:
~ Test Magnification of mobile device

Connectivity Test:
~ Test WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS connectivity

5G/4G Check:
~ Check Your device supported 5G/4G network and enable user to change NetworkType they want

**Permission **
Camera :
~ To test system camera, flashlight in your device

Microphone :
~ To record audio for test device recorder

Read Storage :
~ To test screenshot

Location :
~ Display connected WiFi information

Phone state :
~ Check network compatibility for 5G/4G

Modify System Settings :
~ To test screen brightness

Modify Read App:
~ To show notification log

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