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About Notepad With Lock - Themes, Calendar, Rich Text

Secure your notes with lock and never lose your data with backup options. It has rich text options like bold, font style, font size, strike, color, background color, undo, redo etc. You can lock the app with fingerprint lock.

Notepad comes with a several useful features:

🔒 In Built App Lock - Fingerprint, Pattern, Pin and Password:
Safeguard your notes with the inbuild lock settings. Set the lock by goint to the Settings > App Lock and choose the type of lock. You can enable/disable the fingerprint option too.

🌟 Rich Text Options:
Customise your text with numerous options including bold, italic, strike, highlight, font color, font size, font style etc. You can also undo and redo in the text editor.

🌓 Night Mode:
Relax your eyes by keeping the app in night mode. Auto night mode option is also present.

🏞 Option To Attach Photos:
Multiple photos can be attached to the entry from gallery and camera. You can reorder the list of images.

📚 Colorful Themes:
With over 15 themes with different colors, make the app adapt to your favorite color of choice.

📅 Calendar View:
Take a glance at your notes with the calendar view with easy navigation.

🖨 Export As PDF/text:
If you want to share the content with others or for your own purpose, you can generate the PDF/text files for a note or all notes together.

🔐 Safety Features:
When the app is minimised, the content of the can't be seen in the recent apps list. Enable this by going to Settings and enabling "Hide app screen".

🖌 Other useful features:
- Text to speech to write the note
- Simple search with highlighting
- Auto lock when the app is minimized
- 24 hour and AM-PM format
- Star/unstar entries
- Sort entries: Oldest/newest first
- Show/hide lines in the text area

Save all of your notes in one single place and never worry about your data. 📚

Write us on [email protected]

Enjoy using the app!

This is totally amazing application. I love it so much. In my home I was not allowed to write a diary, but this is what I was looking for. Thank u very much notepad
Padhlo bahen
Awesome. Download scores of notepads and removed them after finally finding this. Happy with the features of Bold, Italic and Coloring options. Thanks alot to the Developer.
Simple Faith
Good and better
Mr. Sonu