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About Cashzine - Earn Free Cash via newsbreak

Cashzine is a free app designed for mobile phone users to read newsbreak, do tasks, take offer and earn free cash even following the latest buzz news also to earn free cash. The in-app coins can be cash-out. Some regions can use PayPal for payout.

Combination of artificial intelligence, professional editor and cash rewards, users can get headline news, local hot, entertainment, health and wellness, social issues and multi-categories news everyday.

During the process of reading, the platform provides allowance and bonus, which forms as the In-App coins to encourage users developing a good reading habit. Users can exchange In-App coins for cash at any time.

【Cashzine wonderful news content】
For the user to select headlines, social focus news, entertainment hot news, health posts, domestic and international anecdotes and other multi-categories news hot articles.

【Cashzine smart recommendation】
Personalized recommendation of artificial intelligence algorithms to pinpoint your interests and create your own news. The more you read the news, the more accurate the recommendation.

【Interesting Cash Allowance Reward】
In order to meet the user's good reading habits, the platform provides cash allowance and bonus. To give the users different levels of rewards in the form of in-app coins. For example: read the article to get 5 gold coins, do the task to get 15-30 gold coins, 4 times more. Users can exchange gold coins into cash according to their own preferences, as their own reading allowance, and free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Cashzine?

Cashzine is a free app designed for mobile phone users to read newsbreak, do tasks, take offers, and earn free cash.

How can I earn cash with Cashzine?

You can earn cash with Cashzine by reading news articles, doing tasks, and taking offers. You can also exchange the in-app coins you earn for cash.

Can I use PayPal for payout with Cashzine?

Yes, some regions can use PayPal for payout with Cashzine.

What kind of news can I find on Cashzine?

Cashzine offers headline news, local hot news, entertainment news, health and wellness news, social issues news, and multi-categories news.

How does Cashzine provide personalized news recommendations?

Cashzine uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide personalized news recommendations based on your interests. The more news you read, the more accurate the recommendations become.

What kind of rewards does Cashzine offer for reading articles?

Cashzine offers cash allowance and bonuses in the form of in-app coins. For example, you can earn 5 gold coins for reading an article and 15-30 gold coins for completing a task. You can then exchange these gold coins for cash.
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