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About Tower Defense: New Empire

One of the best 2019 strategy games. Offline strategy game with dozen of enemies! Does not require Wi-Fi

Defend your empire from the evil creeps with a lot of towers.

Protect your kingdom form from evil invaders and monsters.

Cards and tower defense turrets. You will love this real-time strategy game!


Does not require Internet. You can please offline.
Turrets are knights and warriors.
30 levels in a magic world.
Monsters, dark mages and 20+ creeps
Mighty bosses.
Quests for skillful users
More than 40 cards.
Awesome locations: towns, mountains and forests.
Offline strategy game that does not require Internet.

Struggle for thrones in the war with orcs in the tower defense strategic game! Be the best in 2019.

Wonderful game exciting but make it endless
Manpreet Grewal
Billy Brain
Can you add a bestiary to learn about your enemies in this game as well as all your other tower defense games please?
Susan Galloway