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About Simrad: Boating & Navigation

It is time to get out on the water with the new Simrad app, built to help you journey further! Whether you are out on the water for cruising, boating, fishing, diving, water sports or other activities, this is the app of choice.

If you are equipped with a Simrad display, get started by connecting your display to your phone. If not, you can just switch on the app and get going.

Find the hottest destinations for all your favorite activities with our high-resolution bathymetry charts. Power into your next trip and save your favorite routes, waypoints and trails in the app so you focus your attention on discovery and enjoyment.

It’s easy to start planning from home, or on the go, to guarantee a fun day out. Downloadable offline charts give you mapping information when you are out on the water and away from it.

With the Simrad app you get:

- Activation/Registration of your Simrad chartplotter
- Free up-to-date charts
- High resolution bathymetry charts
- Waypoints, routes and trails
- Auto routing direct to your favorite spots
- Offline maps
- Thousands of points of interest, including relevant information about marinas, harbors, beaches, shops and much more
- Real-time AIS
- Personalization of your maps
- Marine weather forecast

The Simrad app updates on a continuous basis to make sure you get the best experience and to bring you the most up-to-date maps and functionalities. Be sure to check in for updates regularly.
C-MAP maps can be used online free. You can also purchase and enjoy downloadable maps in remote areas without connection.
Try our 14 day free trial. Some of the subscriptions we offer are:

• USA: 12 months USD 25,99
• Baltic Sea: 12 months USD 65,99
• Central European Lakes: 12 months USD 39,99
• Australia & New Zealand: 12 months USD 43,99
• Belgium: 12 months USD 39,99
• Germany: 12 month USD 39,99
• Finland: 12 months USD 43,99
• UK: 12 months USD 44,99
• Iceland & Greenland: 12 month USD 89,99
• The Netherlands: 12 month USD 28,99

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I haven't got it to synch with my boat unit yet ...but its a helpful piece of software
Bill Webb
So far love the simrad product.
Joshua Whitehead
Great product
Erick Jacobsen