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About Simple Stock: Learn Stocks

Learn how to invest money in shares with Simple Stock. You don't need foreknowledge and basics. You start at zero.

But there is also something in it for experienced investors: continuing topics as fundamental analyzes, chart analyzes are part of the course.

📖➡️❌ No endless long texts.
We focus on the essential.

🕐💲💲 Within short time to a market expert
Reading a book consumes a lot of time. Simple Stock imparts you market knowledge within short time.

📈📊📉 Examples from real markets
The content is shown with exciting examples, so the learn impact is even bigger.

📲 Interactive elements
Check your acquired knowledge with tests and quizzes. So you could imprint the knowledge better.

🆒🆕💯Trend topics
Simple Stock features trend topics has trend topics like etfs and cryptocurrencies (bitcoins).

Further topics: stocks, fund, world market, chart analyzes, fundamental analyzes, cryptocurrencies, share prices, bluechip, pennystock, shareholders rights and dutys, formations, trends, options and derivates.

Learn interactively with simple Stock and start investing.

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I've learned a lot about stocks with this app. I recommend this to others who want to know more about stocks.
hicham hicham
I have used some learning stock app but this app is very good. It can guide you step-by-step to understand and learning basics about stocks. Very helpful with newbies as me.
Song Nguyen
s t o n k s
Christian Zimmerer