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The KILO BDX rangefinders use Applied Ballistics and Bluetooth® to illuminate the exact holdover dot in SIERRA3BDX riflescopes.

For the most accurate and ethical shot, just Connect The Dot™.

- DOWNLOAD: Download the app

- SYNC: Sync the app with your rangefinder

- BOND: Use the app to bond the rangefinder with the riflescope

- RANGE: Press the RANGE button to measure the distance of your target

- POWER SELECTOR RING: When the SIERRA3BDX riflescope is actively paired with a KILO BDX rangefinder, the blue LED on the power selector ring will be illuminated solid blue. This Blue LED will flash quickly 8X for one second whenever the riflescope has received a new holdover reticle update from the rangefinder. The BDX system works out to 800 yards with 1 MOA of accuracy

- CONNECT THE DOT™: It’s time for hunting. Once the riflescope is turned on, range the target and the new hold is lit up out to 800 yards

Nice little scope. Have installed this to an AR10 and is on the money every shot using 175 to 185grn.
Adrienne Bonne
it took a lot of time off of making a shot that sometimes you would not have the time to figure out with pencil and paper now on a Sunday afternoon outshooting on the Range I would highly recommend that you ...