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About Taxi Driver 3D - Hill Station Game

Taxi Driver 3D - Hill Station Game is a exciting and thrilling game available for android smart phone. If you are fans of hill climbing game, you can not miss it. Gorgeous terrain and rough mountain road combine to form this fantastic game. The major task for you is drive authentic taxi on horrible tracks. Dodge obstacles and approaching vehicles to avoid burnout. Practice your skills more, if you make a decision to be a excellent taxi driver. So are you ready join this gorgeous adventure? I'm sure you won't regret it in the end.
In these Asian countries the city taxi is the cheapest way of commute from one taxi stop to another. Other taxi games not contain these types of Off-road taxi games features. Driving mountain taxi and become a taxi master in this jeep game by showing your taxi parking skills with your Indian taxi or any other transport car or jeep drive. Perform efficient cab driving with your taxi 2018 and become hero of all taxi games. You should pick up nice passengers from the hill station resorts, going through a hilly road, enjoying gorgeous scenery. Signal a turn with your blinker. Train your skills and to be a pro taxi driver. Be an Indian taxi driver because once the passenger sit in your taxi car then you can collect coins from the hill tracks and horrible curvy. Endless curvy will bring you most exciting experiences where can not feel in commute.
Hill Station is packed with thrilling and exciting pick and drop missions. Fulfill it and earn the targeted points are your major tasks. The obstacles will damage your taxi, dodge it immediately! The sights of snowy rocky hills will add enjoyment to your journey. Join in different teams.
In this new edition taxi drive game, you can see the mesmerizing and green hill environments. Perform your duty in this taxi simulator game skillfully to enjoy your taxi ride. This real taxi 3d needs skills of professional taxi driver with limited fuel. So,be quantitative during taxi driving with your off-road drive. Drive a powerful taxi cab in any kind of environment like Off-road Mountains and city traffic. So, enjoy cab drive with smooth and realistic controls like a real taxi on the environment. A speeding car may bump your taxi, dodge it. Good Luck.
In the beginning, you own a basic taxi and by picking up passengers, fulfill the mission of earning the points to unlock other car taxi cabs.?Be a polite driver, say hi to a passenger and inquire their extra demands when he gets on the bus and drunk before you drive is illegal. You can take passengers to the scenic spots where they wants to visit and while on the road you can turn on the Intel player and listen to music.
The major difference between this new edition game and others is a variety of horrible hilly curvy. Extra tasks will bring you giant income. If you dream of being a taxi driver in real life. This game with realistic scene will arouse your desire of life and help you to start your pro career. You can also invite your friends to join this game!
Enjoy the hill car driving, the game can give you fun which other taxi games can't give you.
The features of Taxi Driver 3D - Hill Station Game include:
- Simulated GPS navigation?
- High quality graphics
- Full 3D open world
- Detailed vehicle interiors
- Tilt steering, buttons and touch a steering wheel
- Realistic passenger comments?
- Real engine sounds
- Realistic weather conditions?

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