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About Litty - Stories FOR YOU

Litty is Fiction For You. Tap your way through premium graphics, video, chat messages, and sounds for a truly immersive experience. Immerse yourself in our mobile worlds. This is what stories on your phone should look like. This is a new form of storytelling.

Get hooked on an Original Litty with genres ranging from Sci-fi, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, and Horror.

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Liv in the Future: A directionless high school grad has her future decided for her when she falls into a portal to a strange world light-years away from home. Sure, it may be a cool escape from the boring life she left behind, but is Liv ready to face the horrific dangers of her new reality…?

The Secret Seeker: When a blackmailer starts threatening students at Laurel Park High through anonymous letters sent to the school newspaper, editor Maya Denney makes it her mission to figure out just who is behind the chain of threats. Swap your secret for someone else's, and your truth is safe. But whose secret is the blackmailer trying to uncover?

Romy & Julz: Two TikTokers in rival houses fall in love over the Christmas holidays, putting everything they’ve worked for at risk.

Five Digits: This is the story of how I met the most successful, but not very well-known killer of the 80s. Besides being a normal, 25 year old woman in New York City, a bit too normal seemingly, I have an ability. When I look at you, I can tell how many people you've killed. Most people have a shining zero, others may even have 1-3 and be walking the streets freely.

Forever Dog: This isn’t just any lost dog, its the worlds most loyal robot.

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Y'all just have bad wifi. This app takes five seconds to load for me. It's an amazing all, keep up the good work
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