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About Firefighter Emergency Rescue Hero 911

RED ALERT!!! 911 FIRE EMERGENCY !!! Invoke your inner Firefighter Hero 911, start your Fire Truck Engine and rescue siren, rush towards the fire and save lives.

Be the ultimate American Firefighter hero in this realistic firefighting game. Experience the fire rescue missions like you have never seen before as you fight to extinguish fires before it spreads and destroys the metro city. Pick up your fire extinguisher or water hose to help and rescue people struck in wild fire. Explore the huge metro city while you drive fire truck through the streets and rescue innocent civilians.

It’s your chance to be the ultimate hero 911 and be brave American Firefighter everyone dreams to be one day. Your firefighting skills will be put to test as you try to save the city from disastrous fire. Its your duty to extinguish fires and rescue civilians.

American firefighter hero 911 rescue people (and animals) from dangerous situations such as vehicle accidents, building collapses and wild burning fire. Turn on the fire rescue siren and drive American firefighter truck to reach the fire emergency destination at the minimum possible time. Start your firefighting training and play role of fire trucks driver to put out bigger flames in city rescue firefighter games. Become emergency rescue driver and work in fire station to save innocent citizens in fire truck sandbox game. Modern fire truck is equipped with latest rescue gear, fire extinguisher and a very large ladder to reach shopping mall or multi-story building. Fire truck ladder is used to get USA fire fighters to the higher floors of modern city. The ladder on the truck is raised and lowered using a hydraulic piston rod operated from rescue fire engine. This rescue firefighter truck hero 911 also has specialized equipment for forcible entry, ventilation, fire escape and city rescue tasks.

Drive fast but safe and courageous; learn the art of driving fire tuck in emergency as you are part of this Elite Fire Truck Driving Academy. Multitasking and time-sensitive adventures add to the thrill! Get to checkpoints on time to progress to the next level as you progress and become the Finest American firefighter hero 911 and polish your truck driving skill as you drive fire truck in the metro city and rescue civilians.

Drive through checkpoints to reach emergency situation or play the free roam mode. Steer the wheel for sharp turns and drive thru metro city traffic in speed. Drive 911 rescue fire truck and become expert truck driver in real hero 911 emergency simulation.


- Realistic Graphics
- Challenging fire truck driving and firefighter rescue missions
- Modern firefighting rescue gear including stairs, extinguisher for emergency ventilation
- Smooth controls for best fire truck driving fore rescue in mega city environment
- Most advanced and easy fire extinguisher controls with real physics
- Realistic fire smoke and firehose to spray water

Download Firefighter Emergency Rescue Hero 911 game NOW and play to save lives!!

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Dylan Kingdom
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Mikael Owino
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Abhishek Sahitya
Super game
Parama Sivan
Aldrich Yuan Diaz
Maxmud Maxmud