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About Dashboard for Tesla

The premier alternative companion app to the official Tesla Motors app.

• Complete Vehicle Monitoring
• Complete Vehicle Control
• Complete Charging Control
• Complete Climate Control
• Android Wear Support
• Samsung Gear Support
• Vehicle Push Notifications
• Automatic Behaviors
• Configurable Widgets - Controls & Charge
• Camper Mode w/ Battery Protection
• Cabin Temperature Protection
• Plug-In Reminder
• Smart Charging
• Trip Meters
• Nearby Charging Sites
• Tesla Referral Program Details
• Real-Time Location & Speed Tracking
• Speed Clocking w/ Graphical Analysis & Data Export
• Model S, Model X, & Model 3 Support
• Vehicle Uncorking Eligibility Detection
• Free Demo Mode
• Free 1-Week Full Access Promotion
• Access Token Sign In
• Fingerprint Sign In
• Configurable
• Helpful Tips
• Complete Data Security - TLS & 256-bit AES Encryption
• Lite Data Usage
• Android 4.1+ Support
• 24/7 Support & Maintenance

You deserve an app as luxurious as the Tesla you drive, something the official app has failed to provide and what this app aims to deliver.

There is immense potential for your Tesla right here waiting for you to unlock it. With this companion app you receive complete access to your Tesla remotely from anywhere from any device with incredible support and tons of exclusive features with more being added all the time.

Your sensitive information is of our utmost concern and has been catered to from the very beginning. We treat your privacy no different than how you treat your Tesla. Read our full privacy policy for complete details on what private data we collect and how we keep it extremely secured..

Try out the demo mode completely free, no Tesla account required

Sign in and take part in our 1-Week Full Access Free Trial Promotion!

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Tessie — For your Tesla

Tessie — For your Tesla


The most powerful software for Tesla owners and fleet managers.

Add driving and charging history, battery health measurement, voice controls, alerts, live web access and more to your Tesla.

Try it free for 14 days.


○ Automatic and effortless driving history and analytics
○ Detailed charging history and analytics with costs and more
○ Parking history and battery drain tracking
○ See and control your Tesla live via
○ Real-time vehicle activity graphs and timelines
○ Add geofencing alerts for when your Tesla enters or leaves certain areas
○ Smart alerts like if it's about to rain while windows are open
○ Battery health monitoring
○ Voice controls using Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
○ Automation using Google Home, Alexa & IFTTT
○ Drive history exports, complete with times, destinations and mileage for tax accounting and expensing
○ Charging history exports with costs and more
○ Complete raw vehicle data exports

Security & Privacy

Tessie is built from the ground up for security using industry-leading best practices.

TeslaCam / Sentry Reviewer

TeslaCam / Sentry Reviewer


Tesla has now created an in-car Dashcam / Sentry viewer that you can use on the car's screen.

scan my tesla

scan my tesla


Gives you real-time readings from Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y diagnostics port

* This app needs an adapter cable and a bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work * - availabe worldwide from Germany:

Adapter cables shipping from USA/Canada:

Scan My Tesla reads information from the diagnostics port of your Tesla Model S, 3, or X, to present visually, or log for later analysis.

Now supports Model Y! Just select Model 3 inside the app for now.

This app gives you numerous live statistics such as:
- Battery power / voltage / current / temperatures
- Drive Unit electric power / torque / horsepower* / RPM / temperatures
- Battery lifetime stats, capacity estimates and mileage
- 12V system current, voltage, temperature
- Trip recording and statistics, including regenerated and charged energy

(* currently not available on Model 3)

Needs an ELM327 or STN1110 compatible OBD2 bluetooth adapter + OBD2->Tesla Diagnostic port cable. (There are at least 2 different plugs depending on your model year)
OBDLink MX bluetooth, or other high quality, STN1100 based adapter that supports the ST command set is highly reccommended.
BLE / Bluetooth Low Energy or wifi adapters are currently not supported.

Most CANBUS packets decoded by Jason Hughes (
Battery cell info decoded by Jack Rickard (
DC/AC Charge counters publicized by "DB 2"
HVAC controls by Marc Olivier Chouinard (
Trip recording system idea by Marc Olivier Chouinard (

Model 3 decoding community led by JWardell on

Contains elements of Android OS example code adhering to Apache 2.0 license

Go here for more information:
Facebook page:
Model 3 specific information


This software is not affiliated with Tesla Motors

Information shown in this app was not meant for the public and may be inaccurate, subject to change or disappear as the car gets software updates.

TeslaGoApp: electric car rides in Montenegro

TeslaGoApp: electric car rides in Montenegro


TeslaGoApp is unique limo-service app which can be used in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Wear for Tesla

Wear for Tesla


The only SAMGUNG SMARTWATCH supported by the app is the GALAXY WATCH 4.

All the other Samsung smartwatches are not supported.




TezLab is a companion app for Electric Vehicles (EV).

Peter Lane
This is one of the most valuable app, I ever bought!
József Szávuj
speed times to 60mph great feature
Phillip Conroy