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About Muscle Princess2

The big and beautiful women are back !!

The characters that are strong and full of individualities!!

The magnificent story that seems like as if reading a history novel !!

The exciting and thrilling essence of the action !!

We introduce to you the visual Novell action game “Muscle Princess2” !!

※ This game is story priority with 70% story and 30% action.

※ Episodes of the Muscle Princess series are all connected. If possible please play the Muscle Princess 1 first. Otherwise, It's hard to understand story.

※ For the people who are not good with action games, we have made battle skips possible when losing several times to the same enemy.

◆ Story

The full-scale mind battle between the powerful people of the three countries surrounding the supremacy of the nation “Nagari Land” has begun.

With both the tight story composition exceeding a twist over a twist and the comical conversations between the muscular women, we will provide you with amazing fun.

◆ Action

With fired up sense of hitting and easy to use controls, we have added fun to the game.

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Sequel of Muscle Princess, part 2 of 3. This episode is all about alliances forming and dissolving as the muscular protagonist uncovers a series of hidden plots. Lots of characters from the first game return...
Denis Furian
Alot of fun
Catherine Hargrove
Seriously great with good improvements over the already cool original game. Just waiting on part three, now.
Kyle Yadlosky