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About Pixel Battle: War

Pixel Battle - an entertaining and challenging game, which is a simple to play, but difficult to master! Collect units with your earned gold and fight across infinite levels and multiple environments!

[ Key Features ]
- Units with unique perks
- Build your own strategy by choosing different units
- Progressive difficulty
- Units leveling
- Tons of enemies

[ Other ]
If you:
- found a bug ,
- have any ideas for new units/gameplay features,
- or any other suggestions,
write to us via email or in the comments, and we will respond to everyone!

[ Music Credits ]

[ e-mail ]
- [email protected]

Enjoy the game!

Gems And Coins Are A Little Scarce, Especially Gems, Maybe Make The Currencies A Little Bit More Common? Other Than That, Great Game.
Storm Pupper
Please add a bestiary.
Susan Galloway
Love the game everything YESSS
Kaleb Carter Sinte