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About Settler's Log Pro

The world’s best scoring and resource tracking app for Catan enthusiasts is now even better. Introducing Settler's Log Pro!

- Stop scanning the board for resource distribution whenever the dice are rolled

- Stop recounting players’ scores every turn

- Stop forgetting which resources the robber is blocking

- Easily keep track of additional points in Seafarers expansion and commodities in Cities and Knights

Settler's Log Pro is a Settlers of Catan companion app designed to help players track the various gameplay mechanics of the popular board game.

With the Pro version, users have access to so many more features, including:

- 5 to 6 players

- Saving player names

- Saved player stats

- Game stats (including total points, dice rolled, resources distributed, etc. etc.)

- Cities and Knights expansion (Through in-app purchase)

- Seafarers expansion which includes all nine scenarios and multiple rule options (Through in-app purchase)

- Combine Cities and Knights with Seafarers scenarios (New in version 1.1.0)

With Settler's Log Pro, you no longer need to rely on the honor system to distribute resources. Stop spending valuable time scanning the board to make sure you haven’t forgotten someone’s sheep or wheat.

With the tap of a button, know instantly how many resources to give to each player. Settlers Log Pro also keeps track of the score so you can quickly determine who’s in the lead without having to count each player’s points on the board.

Here’s what Settlers Log users are saying:

“This app makes it so much easier to track resources and makes sure no one is missed. Easy to use interface and intuitive. Highly recommend!”

“I don’t know how we played Catan before! It does all of the banker work for you, you just roll and enjoy!!”

“Calling this a ‘companion app’ is an understatement. Playing any other way is like going back to the ore age.”


Include 5 to 6 players

Save player names for future games

Compare player stats

Game Stats

Keep track of settlements and cities

Assign longest road and largest army

Move the robber

See which resources are blocked

Distribute resources

Tally points

Purchase the Cities and Knights and Seafarers expansions to take your app even farther.

Combine both expansions into a single game. (Requires purchase of both expansions)

Not sure if you want to jump in feet first with Settlers Log Pro? Get your feet wet with Settler's Log and see how much easier and enjoyable your Settlers of Catan games can be.

Please note: The board game Settlers of Catan is required to use this app. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Settlers of Catan.

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