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About ServiiGo

ServiiGo lets you browse and stream all the media stored on your Serviio PRO server to your android device.
Note: ServiiGo requires the paid version of Serviio, Serviio PRO

Unlike DLNA based apps, ServiiGo uses a feature of the paid version of Serviio, Serviio PRO, that works over the internet as well as at home. This means you can now access all your media using 4G/5G mobile networks and WiFi hotspots away from home.

Designed with small phones up to large tablets in mind, and optimised to work with the way that Serviio delivers content, ServiiGo is the way to access your media on the go.

This is a free and ad supported version which lacks some nice to have but non-essential features.
If you like ServiiGo and find it useful, please considering buying 'ServiiGo Donate Key' as a way to say thank you and support future development. As a bonus, the ads will be removed and you will gain access to the extra features.

Beta Testing Programme
To help test out the next version of ServiiGo, sign up at

Have a problem/request/question?
Please email me before posting a comment, I will always try to help find a solution.

Note: ServiiGo requires the paid version of Serviio, Serviio PRO
ServiiGo requires Serviio PRO v1.5 or greater (2.1 is recommended) which you can download from
You will get a free 15 day evaluation license for Serviio PRO during which time you can evaluate Serviio PRO and ServiiGo. After that period you will need to purchase a Serviio PRO license as the API that ServiiGo uses is only available in the PRO edition of Serviio.

ServiiGo is not affiliated with Serviio in any way.

Linux uses must compile ffmpeg with libx264 support to use the 'Enhanced' profile. If you have a low end NAS, you may need to switch to the 'Standard' profile as x264 encoding is more CPU intensive for the server.

Love it & I use it daily. Would love if it would continue to play when I turn on my screen... A minimized playback window similar to the YouTube app would be awesome too.
Scott Schulte
Nice ui it works great. Dev heard my complaint and fixed it! Makes Serviio painless, great work. Thanks.
Max Siegel
Really reliable and solid player for Serviio content. Tried umpteen dlna/upnp players first which would lose connection regularly. Even big names lake v*c player did that. Very impressed with servigo. Next s...
Harry Manley