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About Gears logic puzzles premium

No ads. No in-app purchases. Original identical gameplay. Game progress from the free version can be transferred through the settings screen (play games cloud). Save there, load here.

The goal is to connect all the red gears so that they spin. You can only move light gears.

- Thousands levels.
- You can create your own levels.
- Play exciting levels created by other players.
- New player vs player(pvp) mode.
- Visual themes to choose from: wood, metal, ice, paper and stone.
- Mechanical puzzle.
- Physics game
- No time limit.
- No wifi. You can play offline.
- Educational game.
- Suitable for all ages. For adults and kids.

Wonderful game for relaxing, taking it easy, or breaking your mind.
Dan Giunta
Quite challenging. Some solution require pixel perfect placement, but very satisfying when it all rotates.
Richard Collett
It is awesome game. Many game types and challenging levels. Great for keeping busy but good for the brain too.
Chris Hand