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About CallHelp: Second Phone Number

CallHelp: Second Phone Number gives you a second phone number as an extension on your smartphone so you can call and text for personal and work purposes separately.

Get a second phone number for Android that allows you to send messages and make Wi-Fi calls. By adding a second phone number in this calling app, you can reach your family, colleagues or customers more easily without having to buy a second phone or add a second SIM card.

So the next time you need to talk to someone but would rather not give out your real phone number, remember that you can get it from this Second Line phone number app. In just a few steps, you'll be ready for unlimited phone calls and text messages.

With a local phone number, you can perfectly separate work from your personal life by adding a side line for the latter. That way you'll know how to answer if someone calls you on the work line, or when you call a customer, you can also choose to call on the work line, then your personal phone number will remain private.

Get a second phone number with CallHelp: Second Phone Number for Android, send unlimited texts and calls to anyone anywhere in the world over Wi-Fi or cellular for free.

Have you ever had to deal with situations like this? Having to give out your phone number but you didn't really want to do it? Are you being harassed by promotions or ads, but you can't stop them all? Need to get in touch to resolve temporary issues, but don't want to disclose your personal number? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Many of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have faced similar problems. With CallHelp: Second Phone Number, you can disclose your second phone number to solve all these problems. No disclosure of your personal phone number, no trouble or annoyance. After that, you can just give it away at any time or keep it as long as you want.

Powerful features:
- Unlimited free texts and calls: Unlimited calls and texts.
- Quality Calls: Crystal clear voice quality to smooth out the call experience.
- Custom voicemail: Record a custom voicemail greeting to ask callers to leave a message.
- Spam Call Blocker: Block unwanted spam calls permanently.
- Call Forwarding: Directly forward calls to any number in a few steps.
- Call Recording: Record any incoming and outgoing calls with preserved voice quality.
- Ad-free: Enjoy unlimited calls and texts without being distracted by ads.

CallHelp is free to download and has millions of local phone numbers. You can choose one of them of your choice and enjoy all the above features.

Try this app for a second phone number! Call and text from a free second phone number on your devices.