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About Sencrop

Keep an eye on your fields from a distance 24 hours a day with your mobile, and intervene at the best moment possible for spraying, irrigation, sowing, fighting frost, and in optimal conditions.

With Sencrop, reduce your ag-weather risks, manage frost prevention, and combat yield reduction: track your crops in real-time and stay connected to your fields. Every 15 minutes, data will be sent back to your application.

Get a head start on organizing your work day: from the earliest hours of the day, whether you are in your house, out making your rounds, or far from your farm.

View data from nearby weather stations by joining the largest collaborative network in Europe using local, regional, and global maps.

Analyze your farm's history and cumulative precipitation, compare one field to another, and the difference in your yields.

Access the seven-day forecast, the most reliable and dense three-hour radar data in Europe. See maps to consult the weather data in your area.

Easily create weather alerts and get SMS notifications to alert you to local conditions.

Sync up with your DSTs and disease prediction models (mildew, Septoria, sclerotinia, powdery mildew, rust, scab, etc.) based on your ultra-local agri-weather data.

Sencrop is a leader in ag-weather data collection, helping farmers, growers, arborists and growers make better decisions every day through a unique collaborative platform:
- Take action at the right time thanks to the ultra-local data collected right in your fields.
- Optimize your spraying for increased profitability.
- Increase transparency and traceability with your data history.
- Organize your work day as much as possible with our readings, alerts and weather forecasts.
- Get a complete overview of the weather on your farm, but also from the collaborative monitoring network.

- Real-time ag-weather data from the connected sensors placed in your fields: rain gauge, hygrometer, thermometer, anemometer, leaf wetness tracker, etc.
- Access your field's weather history and compare it to others nearby, or from one year to another. Curves, graphs, and data export as an Excel/CSV file.
- Farming alerts in real time via SMS, email, or phone: spraying conditions, spray window, frost on vines or in orchards (wet bulb temperature), leaching, aphid alerts, and more.
- Rainfall accumulation, day degrees or hours of cold weather on your current or past campaigns. Anticipation of harvest dates.
- Full weather service: 7-day weather forecast according to GPS stations, 3-hour precipitation radar, and live weather with real-time weather maps in the last hour around your farm.
- One-click connection to many decision-making tools (DSTs) for diseases and pests: Mileos by Arvalis, Atlas by BASF, Scan Bean, Avisio by Syngenta, Movida by Bayer, Vintel, CTIFL, Rimpro, Promété, etc.
- Invite members of your farm to collaborate and access your data.
- Get in touch with other farming communities near you.

Join the largest network of connected weather stations in Europe today!

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