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About SellerAmp - SAS

SellerAmp SAS - Sourcing Analysis Simplified

With the SAS Android App you can quickly scan barcodes to see if an item would be profitable to sell on Amazon. The results will show you the maximum cost to meet your profit and ROI (Return Of Investment) requirements.

Features include:
* Fast barcode scanner
* Search the Amazon database for matching products
* Accurate reporting of Amazon fees
* Includes VAT calculations for the different VAT schemes
* A Keepa chart to show prices and sales for the past 3 months
* Monthly storage fee slider
* Adjustable profit calculator
* Full history of scans and searches

There is also a Chrome extension and website version.

Super app just wish it had eligibility and also if your gated or not function
Reseller Ali
Great app. If you are a Amazon seller and you do any arbitrage then you know how important it is to have a good analyzing program. This one has everything you could need. Highly recommend trying it out for t...
Chris Lefebvre
Absolutely brilliant, we couldn't run our business without it
Stacey Hughes