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About Self Help Group App

This is a facilitator guide for creating and mentoring a Self Help Group or savings group.

It includes the following:

* Training in basic facilitation methods and best practices;
* How to work with a community to mobilize a Self Help Group;
* Basic meeting curriculum from first meeting to a group giving their first loan;
* Games, stories and case studies to supplement meeting material;
* Sample templates accessible by email for facilitators to use as their record-keeping forms.

The core curriculum has been adapted from the Self-Group Group model in India and includes content on group governance, group dynamics and record-keeping.

There are also modules on social entrepreneurship, income-generating activities and disaster risk reduction in the community.

The content is divided into units, modules and steps. Each module begins with a step for Facilitator Preparation outlining the key concepts and materials needed for the next meeting.

A meeting checklist shares basic steps to cover during each meeting.

Facilitators can log in using "facilitation mode" or "group mode." In "group mode," the app bookmarks where in the curriculum a meeting ended and resumes there the next time the group logs in.

This digital resource has been co-designed by Self Help Group facilitators around the world.

If you would like to make suggestions for this app or get support for using it, email us at [email protected] or visit

Okay done
Balkar Singh
Available in English and Nepali Languages. Very useful but need some basic knowledge to run.
Jagdish Adhikari
Very GOOD app