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About Encryptochat

Encryptochat is a messaging app with a focus on user privacy. Every chatroom is secured with a password that never leaves your device - the password is NEVER sent over the internet. This means that every message you receive and send are encrypted and decrypted with AES encryption locally, so you can relax knowing that your messages are secure.

Other encrypted messaging apps will send your encryption key over the internet, which can be a problem since it could be intercepted by a malicious party or even the app's creators. This problem does not exist in Encryptochat because the encryption key is never sent over the internet. Even if someone manages to intercept one of your messages, it will be gibberish to them since only you and the people you are messaging have the key to decrypt it.

Once you have a chatroom setup, you can easily share the encryption key via QR code to the other chatroom members. We recommend doing this in person to be 100% sure the key never goes over the air, but if you must share it online make sure you use a form of communication that you trust.

Enjoy messaging with 100% confidence!

Good job👍
Angel Dust81
This application is useful for everyone. We can send data secure with encryption. Only user and receiver can read the data. Simple app with lot features 💞. Fantastic user interface 😍
Jebastin Jeba
Ben Agrell