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About Audio Bible-Poetry-Offline Bible

If everyone in the world wants to study the Bible, what will happen?

We are committed to a lifetime to make this generation the most loved reader in history. We also warmly invite you to join the family of God. Reading the Bible is a great mission, and each of us feels her love through the Word of God. Therefore, we are eager to share the Bible with more people.

If you haven’t used Bible software to read the Bible, download it immediately and become a part of God’s action. Whenever you use Bible software to read, listen, meditate or share God's Word, you are participating in God's work in this world. As long as we work together and pray daily for spiritual devotion, we can see our vision achieved in this life. The Word of God will take us into the world of God, inspire our thoughts, and find strength, faith, wisdom and hope.

Don't miss what God is about to do, let us discover together. Download the free devotional Bible app and take your Bible with you wherever you are, anytime, and share it with anyone you want, study the Bible anywhere.

Choose your favorite version and language, easily take notes, collect, bookmark, highlight, listen and share spiritual Bible notes.

Main features of the Bible app:

1. Multilingual version:
Contains multiple Bible versions of the Old Testament and New Testament, KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, ASV, NRSV, WEB, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Consolidated Texts. The content set is rich, and more Bibles will be provided in the future. Version, simple and convenient operation.

2. Offline reading
Provides offline function, without real-time network connection, you can also read the Bible content without network, to help users save traffic.

3. Full text search, fast positioning
All Bible content can be searched in full text, quickly located, and can be quickly searched within the entire Bible by searching for single or multiple keywords.

4. Comfortable reading
You can adjust your font, font style, line spacing, and background color to suit your reading habits and make reading more comfortable.

5. Automatically mark and look at the Bible
The Bible chapters and content you read, the system will automatically mark the read to remind you.

6. Collection
Collect and mark your favorite poems and God's words.

7. Notes
Write notes for any poems and meaningful Bible verses you like.

8. Bible reading plan
Provide 15 kinds of Bible reading plans, in one year or a few months, read the entire Bible. You can also adjust the reading plan according to your time, arrange reading study reasonably, and better read, examine, meditate, listen, and study the Word of God.

9. Audio Bible, HD Bible Reading and Listening
There are many highly-acclaimed versions of Chinese and English reading aloud, and also a Bible player. You can download it to play offline or listen to the Bible online to take you into the world of God and understand God's Word.

10. The Gospel of Christ
Provide daily Christian gospel lectures, children's bibles, pastor's bible video lectures, and provide classic praise songs to enter the world of God;

11. Daily Lingliang
Provide daily scripture punching and daily spiritual food. At the same time, you can also share daily spiritual scriptures such as desert sweet springs, praise songs, and the gospel of Christ to help you build a regular spiritual life.

12. Bible Golden Sentences
Provide daily readings and punch cards, and share daily bible sentences;

Clear voice reading:
New international version NIV (niv hold bible)
King James Version KJV (kjv hold bible)
New King James version NKJV (nkjv hold bible)
English Standard Version ESV (esv hold bible)
American Standard Version ASV (asv hold bible)
New American Standard Bible NASB (nasb hold bible)
Newly revised standard version NRSV (nrsv hold bible)
World English Bible WEB (web hold bible)
Simplified Chinese version
Traditional Chinese
Chinese and English Version (Bible Notes) and Chinese and English Bibles