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About Scoreholio: Tournament Scoring, Simplified

Scoreholio makes tournaments more interactive and fun!

Players, you’ll check yourself into events with a quick scan, and stay on top of the action to “you’re up!” alerts and a real-time dashboard. Scoreholio also includes a scoreboard you can use to keep score when you’re playing at home.

Tournament organizers, hold on to your hats -- Scoreholio virtually automates the process of running cornhole tournaments so you can relax, play in your own events with less stress, or use newfound free time to engage players, run side games or sell swag.

• Formats: Round robin, single elimination bracket, double elimination bracket
• Playoffs: Run round robin then advance any number of teams to single or double elimination playoff
• Checkin: Quickly register players by scanning their QR code or adding them manually
• Scoreboards: Colorful interactive scoreboards at each court, on any tablet or phone
• Dashboard: Real-time scores, standings and brackets displayed at event and viewable via app or URL
• Real-Time Alerts: App notifies players when they're up, tells them which court they're on
• Flexibility: Easily set # of courts/tables and rounds, time limit, etc., even change them during the event

Scoreholio is easier to use and offers players and tournament directors a like a much more interactive and real-time experience than old-fashioned solutions like Brackelope, Challonge, Tournament Wizard.

Organizers: Join the "Scoreholio Event Organizers" group on Facebook for help and tips from our growing community of users!

Thanks to the early adopters who’ve been helping us improve Scoreholio with their feedback and suggestions: California Cornhole Association, Pacific Coast Cornhole, Labelle Cornhole, Cornhole Idaho, SCV Cornhole, Longshot Cornhole, Cornhole Central, Silicon Valley Cornhole, and

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Love it
Harriette Vincent
Do it!!! Amazing app with some great people behind the scenes helping you out if you have any questions.
Brad Anderson
The best, period.
Thomas Halloran