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About Scorbit

Pinball is AMAZING, so use Scorbit to make it even more fun! Engage with millions of players around the world. Share and stream live games and scores, challenge others, and participate in machine leaderboards – for any machine in any location! Follow your favorite pinball players and track what games they play and how they are playing. Streamers and Collectors can use Scorbit to add real-time scores or leaderboards to their streams and game rooms for big displays! Operators can use Scorbit to monitor their machines remotely, reducing downtime, and earning more revenue.

Scorbit is connected pinball!

• Find Games

Scorbit’s platform allows owners of pinball machines to create venues and machines so other players can find and play them. There are tens of thousands of pinball machines from all over the world, and you can choose any one or create one to start building a leaderboard. You can view these high score lists at any time, with no limit to the number of entries!

• Play Games

While not required, on machines equipped with Scorbit’s hardware - in public or private locations - your games are connected to Scorbit’s cloud platform. Other users of the app or viewers of the ScorbitVision web tools can view your games as they happen, in real-time.

You and other players near you can claim player slots, automatically placing your chosen display names next to those player numbers in the system for others to see. When your game is complete, adding your score to the leaderboard or sharing with your friends is as easy as pressing a button on the game session screen!

For games not equipped with Scorbit’s hardware, when your game is finished, you can take a photo of your score and submit it to the same leaderboard and share your experience with others.

• Pinball Community

Scorbit not only creates a record for your own profile personal bests, but also allows you to take any game, at any time, and share it with people you choose on the platform. Using the community features of the app, you can curate a list of people you like to follow, either in advance or after a game. After you play, you can choose from that list with who you want to share with or challenge to play – or throw the score away, it’s up to you!

When the people you follow also save scores to leaderboards or challenge you, those scores appear in your self-curated community feed. You can also visit other player’s profiles and see what games they are playing, and how they are doing.

• Monitor Your Machines

Collectors and operators have access to their list of games that others can engage with. For games equipped with Scorbit’s hardware, the Scorbitron, Collectors and Operators who subscribe to the platform can monitor the health of their games remotely, tracking when they are online. The goal is to get more people playing pinball, which means more revenue, and more people enjoying the experience.

I have been waiting for this app! I am not the biggest pinball fan but love that I can find the closest machines and keep my score. I can't wait until I can find a machine with the hardware inside to try it ...
Kyle Veatch
Wow this is amazing! I did not know just how many pinball locations were near me! I hope the hardware side of this takes off and maybe becomes standard in third party pinball machines for score tracking. I'm...
Daniel Chaves