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About Upstream

"Upstream is truly the most legit social product I've used in a long time. I find tremendous value here. Watch this space, it's going to be huge." - @ellenjdasilva

Upstream is a new professional groups product. Join communities, give and get help, host office hours, and attend digital networking events.

As an admin of a community, you can bring over an existing one or start fresh using our unique moderator toolset. Understand your community's engagement and interactions with analytics and insights. Connect your members beyond simplistic & chaotic chat threads, and help your community reach new levels.

You'll love using Upstream with your professional community:
- Host live digital networking events
- Host office hours
- Give your members a place to give & get help
- Moderate your community's asks and replies
- Highlight & showcase interesting members and posts to boost their visibility
- Ensure the highest quality of participation with our purposefully built moderator tools

Have thoughts you'd like to share? Send us a note to [email protected]

Move aside Linkedin! This is a much better way to form real and meaningful professional relationships.
Carlos de Santiago