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About MySchool - Be the Teacher! Learning Games for Kids

With 1 million+ users, MySchool is a classroom game where you get to play the role of the teacher!

If you’re tired of boring learning apps that don't give you any freedom to choose your own educational journey MySchool is for you!

Unlike other learning apps, with MySchool you are the teacher at school and the master of your education! Our education app has a classroom game for every elementary school grade level. These games are designed by real teachers and curriculum experts!

Teach your students, give them practice solving math problems, keep them from messing around in class, and more. Best of all you can tell your parents that you’re not playing games but focusing on your education 😉.

🛎️Start the school day by ringing the bell, and opening the class book to take attendance. Then begin a lesson solving math problems or teaching English to your students.

✏️As you ask your students the lesson questions, you will call on them to provide an answer, and let them know if they are correct or not.

📖By accurately letting the students know if they picked the right answer, you will progress through the game and earn points that you can use to buy items to decorate your classroom. Moreover, you will unlock exercises to help you practice solving math problems and learn grammar.

📗Each level of the game has a different set of tasks that you need to complete. At some levels you will have to correct tests, and solve grammatical problems. At other levels you will be asked to create homework questions and solve math problems.

🐰Once you have enough points, you can even buy a classroom pet rabbit! But be careful, as the rabbit needs to be fed and their cage has to be cleaned or they will become really sad!

🍎You can also grow your classroom by adding more desks and students!

💯Further along in the game, you can create your own school and invite your friends to join it! Have fun creating custom homework and tests for your students to challenge them!

🎓And remember, if you get bored of a classroom game in one grade level, MySchool has 1st grade learning games, 2nd grade learning games, 3rd grade learning games, 4th grade learning games, and 5th grade learning games where you can take the fun and learning to the next grade level!

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Rianna plyz
It is an awesome game I can play it for hours✅✅✅✅
Andrea Alvarado
I want to be a scientist when I grow up but I have always wondered what it would be like in my teachers shoes and it is amazing this game really shows us how hard teachers work for us this game is also educa...
Saad Wiz
It works
savage san
I'm a student, but I can be a teacher.
Pawit Chantanakajohnfung
This game is beautiful i love game look like this whan
Hannah vlog