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About Vidmedia Video Downloader 2020:Best Video Status

Vidmedia video downloader 2020 :Best Video Status trust that every wonderful moment in life should be recorded and save status , such as your pritty baby, pets, cooking, makeup, fitness,
beautiful scenery, funny moments, and so on download status on one click .
You can also download the attractive pictures into slideshows.

status saver app is video status aims to make your life colorful and store your happy moments in your smartphone.

status saver 2020 is now available in 3 languages: हिन्दी, English,العربية;

Vidmedia downloader :Best Video Status Tube the Best video downloader allows you to download all formats videos from your favourite sites freely.
Its also supports all social website to download videos

all social media Video status saveris the 4k video Downloader, is fast easy video download the all social media story saver You just copy the link
and past the downloader to automatically downloaded and save in gallary to them.
Vidmedia Video downloader 2020 app is the all video download is the HD Formate app.

Vidmedia Video Downloader 2020 :Best Video Status is Best and fast status saver.
Free All Social Media story Downloader for whatsapp,instagram,Tiktok,Facebook,Twitter,Like Videos to Easy to save and share to them.

Main Features :-
*download any social media in this snap video status downloader.
*all social media downloaded file is in save the gallary to easy to share and watch.
*this Snap Video status Downloader in insta story saver,twitter video saver
*the Tiktok Video download to with watermark and without watermark download to them.
*Easy and fast download to instagram private story to download and watch to them
*video downloader is Simple, easy to use and professional interface.
*Vidmedia Video Downloader 2020 main features is gallary to downloaded all social media file in included in gallary in app.

best status saver is HD video status saver is Likee video downloader into to them to past link in the video downloader to auto downloaded start to them.
Download all video in powerfull download manager to them to fast downloader for all social media story,image and many more.
this app is purely Indian app.
this is small size app to smooth run for the any mobile phones.

- wp status save and Share media with anyone.

- Tiktok and Likee videos is 100% free download and without watermarks.

*This app is not affiliate by any social medias.
*Downloading video from YouTube is not allowed because of their policies.

Vidmedia status saver is the wp status saver and Instagram,twitter, Facebook is fast video downloader is the fast app for the video and photos
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Amazing APP
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