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About Spice Money – IMPACT App

The wait is finally over!
Impact, exclusively created and designed for Spice Money Sales team, is here. This App is
packed with more engagement, portfolio performance at all levels and target tracking.
Impact provides our Sales team a complete overview of their portfolio network of
Partners(Distributors) & Spice Money Adhikaris across their territory enabling them to work
on their real time performance, various compliances and building a strong relationship
building a mutually benefitted community. Let’s look at the prominent features of Impact -
Self-explanatory Interface – with an easy to use interface, Impact enables you to scan
through a list of all the Partners (Distributors) & Spice Money Adhikaris under your territory
and search data for a particular service, duration or place with great ease in just few clicks,
this enables you an easy access to various data points with an intuitive interface.
Insightful data - Advance your decision-making with the Impact App. Now get detailed
insights on overall business transactions for all the Partners (Distributors) & Spice Money
Adhikaris mapped to you under your territories and make decisions based on sound
reasoning with data analysis built in the App.
OKR on finger-tips - Impact helps you track your Key Performance Indicators, compare
performance across territories and not just converting your sales objectives into achievable
targets, thus aiding you to plan your tasks well in advance.
More Engagement - Impact provides you with a feature to record your interactions with the
Partners(Distributors) & Spice Money Adhikaris, to gain a complete portfolio overview and
helps you build a stronger relationship with your mapped network.
Ensure Channel Compliance - Monitoring channel compliance and assured adherence to
guidelines is made easy with the Impact App. The sales team can ensure, if proper
certifications like the PPI certificate or BC Certificates have been executed at the counter by
Spice Money Adhikari.