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About SailformsPlus Forms Database

Your Personal Database

SailformsPlus is a powerful, but easy to use Personal Database.

SailformsPlus comes preload with forms you can use and modify.

You can customize the sample forms, or create your own forms from scratch.

Easy form layout lets you build functional and attractive entry forms.

Text, Notes, Numbers, Dates, Times and Checkboxes can be saved.

Create Listboxes for Text and Numbers.

You can add calculations with the Number, Date and Time entry fields.

Listing and sorting your list is automatic.

You can graph your numeric entries.

You can secure your forms with passwords and backup and restore your database to your external SDCard.

• Easy Form Layout
• Autocomplete Text Entry
• Number, Date and Time Math
• Pictures and Camera
• Graphical List Charting
• Date Entry with Popup Calendar
• Time Entry with Popup Timewheels
• Fixed and Float decimals
• Colored Sizable Text Labels
• Backup and Restore to SDCard
• Custom List Reporting and Sorting
• List Totaling and Subtotaling
• Organize Forms into Groups
• Password Secure Groups
• Portrait and Landscape Layout

Sample Forms Included a Grocery list to keep track of your Groceries.

A ToDo List to manage Tasks or Projects.
Keep track of your Gifts, Pets or Cars.

Cook up a storm with the Recipe form or keep track of your work with the Time Card.
Use the samples or build your own lists.

Great for looking after all sorts of data.
Trevor Michie
Used for work, every day. I would like to have the ability to share databases with co-workers. Even without that functionality it's worth the price for the pro version.
Bill Davis
Suleiman Tahir