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About Fitsocial: Home Workouts & Online Fitness Classes

There’s room for dessert, storage for the free fitness app, and time for prioritizing fitness.

Fitsocial is a comprehensive fitness app that brings to you a wide range of fitness workouts, valuable advice from well-trained fitness experts, exciting fitness event updates and connects you with the top-quality fitness studios in your vicinity.

This best free fitness app uses sophisticated technology to filter out the fitness schedule as per your requirements, the analytical tools track your progress, and we extend our helping hand to run the track of your fitness journey. Fitsocial is a community for fitness lovers to connect with people of similar interests.

An exercise app that brings together fitness enthusiasts who talk fitness, eat tasty food and run miles. It is exclusively crafted to fit your plan that is provided by this workout app.

Fitsocial brings into the world the best home workouts and exercises. The home workout app is crafted as per everyone's preferences, it is both the best workout app for men and an exercises app for women.

If you are a fitness trainer, here's good news for you, from our healthy app. Fitsocial is an exclusive fitness app that allows fitness trainers to register on our platform. We connect you to fitness enthusiasts by providing free branding on social media and give your fitness passion the fuel it deserves!

You will find all the solutions to your fitness problems. If you want to unravel the technique of yoga, you can explore it through our free yoga app.

We provide corporate wellness programs as a well-being initiative where virtual well-being training is leveraged. We care about you as much as you do about your employees. Register with fitsocial to go on a health trip.

What’s in store for you:
> Certified Fitness trainers
> Advanced Training Tools
> Connect with the tribe
> Progress tracking and daily insights
> Virtual and outdoor training plans
> Top studios within easy reach
> Variety of sports categories

~ Certified Fitness trainers:
Get trained under certified fitness trainers who assist you as per our fitness goals. Our fitness coach app has a multitude of well-trained fitness experts who are qualified to suggest the right workouts and are motivated to sweat it out.

~ Advanced Training Tools:
The advanced training tools never let you miss out on any fitness class. It brings to you the most suitable fitness schedules as per your desires. You can compare the workouts, evaluate your performance and easily book our training sessions.

~ Connect with the tribe:
Feel like home around the community of fitness enthusiasts. Fitsocial connects with fitness experts and beginners. Gain insights and have amazing fitness interactions with the tribe to enhance your fitness experience.

~ Progress tracking and daily insights:
The best workout app to track fitness progress, we provide daily insights based on the performance. The number of calories burned, the sessions showed up to, the plan subscribed to everything can be now accessed in one place.

~ Virtual and outdoor training plans:
Virtual and outdoor training plans to choose from as per your convenience. You can log in right from your home or work out in the fitness studio with your buddies. Make your workouts interesting with the plans we offer.

~ Top studios within easy reach:
Fitsocial uses GPS technology to find out the best fitness studios within your reach. We hunt each corner of the area and suggest training studios that assist you in accomplishing your fitness goals.

~ Variety of sports categories:
Fitness isn’t heavy weight lifting and squats always. To make the fitness regime interesting and fun, fitsocial has multiple sports categories ranging from badminton, yoga to swimming. It is the best yoga app for weight loss.

"Fitness made accessible with Fitsocial"

Download Fitsocial, the best free fitness app for weight loss!

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Good app for fitness
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