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About Alpha Backup Pro


• Fully featured Application Manager.
- Manage all of your applications in one organized place.

• Advanced Backup/Restore/Share
- System & User Apps.
    • Installers
    • External Data [1][*]
    • Complete Data [2][**]
- System Settings [**]
- Contacts
- Call Logs
- Messages

• Advanced Auto Backup System.
- Installer
    • Instantaneous [3]
    • Scheduled [4]
- App Data
    • Scheduled

- Internal Storage
- Removable SD Card
- USB Storage Devices
• Any Cloud Storage:
    - Google Drive
    - DropBox
    - OneDrive
    - And all the others (via 'Share' option)

• Share apps/backups using WHATEVER YOU WANT.
- Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi Direct
- IR
- And any app that supports file sharing...

• Advanced Encryption System
- 256 bit custom AES encryption for best possible security.

• Portable (Single File) backups.
- Other apps generate multiple scattered backups. We don't.

• Batch operations [*]
- Supports batch operation for all kind of backups.

• Everything is in detail.
- Package name
- Version Name & Version Code
- Activities
- Services
- Broadcast Receivers
- Providers
- Permissions and their state
- Compatible OS range
- Full date & time of installation/backup
- And many more ...

• Built-in Backup Importer.
- Import backups from any kind of storage devices.

• Application(s) and System generated junk cleaner.
- App(s) Cache Cleaner
- System Cache Cleaner
- Corpse Cleaner
- And more...

• Application conversion [**]
- System to User and vise versa.

• Disable/Enable (same as Freeze/Unfreeze) Apps [*]

• App specific private Data and Cache cleaner [*]

• Reset individual app settings [**]

• Built-in App lock System for better security.

• Interactive Search.
- Search apps and backups with highlighted characters - interactively - all in one place !

• Separate dedicated tabs for each kind of apps/backups.

• Huge set of controls and customization settings.

• Four beautiful material design themes.

• And tons of other unique & interesting features.

• And a lot more...


• [1] - External Data
- External core data
- Media components

• Internal Data
- Internal & External core data
- Settings
- Databases

• [2] - Complete Data
- (Internal Data + External Data)

• [3] - Instantaneous Auto Backup
- Auto Backup is performed right after an app gets installed / updated.

• [4] - Scheduled Auto Backup
- Auto Backup is performed periodically - at a pre-defined time.

• [*] - Single Asterisk
- Feature marked with this symbol MAY need ROOT ACCESS.
- Dependent on the Android version, availability of certain system components, and more.

• [**] - Double Asterisk
- Feature marked with this symbol WILL need ROOT ACCESS.


• If you are not satisfied in any way, we are here to refund !
• Also, if you can't afford it, but need it, please do not hesitate. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to help you !
• If you are interested, please join the Crowdin translation project at

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So far the very latest update has fixed the background backing up issues, I'm just keeping everything crossed that any further updates don't mess it all up again 🤞🏻
peter railton
Upd.: Not wrong, unfortunately. Update: Alpha Backup (Pro) now appears to be working as it's supposed to and as promised, so I'm happy to reinstate my previous (Buggy Backup Pro) 5-star rating. Excellent job...
Good app
Edgy Reaper