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About RPM meter

A fast and lightweight application for measuring RPM (Rounds per minute) of a rotating or moving object using your phone's proximity sensor.

NOTE :- 1.This application is never intended to substitute real dedicated RPM meters
2.Depending on your phone the maximum RPM measurable by the sensor may vary
3.This application is not designed to measure motion of very high speed objects
4.Your android phone/tablet/device must have a proximity sensor built in for this app to work

How it works :

1. Just start the app and you'll see the dashboard

2. when anything moves over the proximity sensor of your phone (covering & uncovering it) you will immediately see the corresponding RPM value

3. The maximum RPM section shows the maximum RPM recorded till the moment.

4. The sensor value part shows the immediate raw reading of the sensor.

5. The time period field shows the time period for the last revolution/cycle.

That's it ! enjoy

For any queries write to [email protected]

You read the facts then it works. It is everything that it says. Work perfectly. Thanks!
Mátto Agudelo Dueñas
Good idea
Mohammad Wasak Molla
Wow it works nicely. Great app. Keep the good work up
gabriel cyrus