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About Fortune GO

Fortune GO is the ultimate social free-to-play fun casual adventure mobile game that lets you establish your own unique paradise land called: Fortune Island.

Build your own epic magical Fortune Island by traveling to different destinations and islands and attacking and raiding friends and foes alike to destroy their towns, loot their hidden treasures and riches and emerge victorious with a Boom that echoes across the realm.

Your island will grow over time, and with each new exciting new level, different, unique, and special items will be available to be discovered and added to decorate your land.

Place economy generating buildings, wonders and structures that give you diamonds, spins and coins that will help you boost your energy as well as gain advantage of your enemies and a better chance to become the greatest master and leader.

With plenty of tournaments and events to compete in, players will have many opportunities to become the best and richest Fortune GO champion by ranking number one on the leaderboards!

Unlock and discover unique and cool items from around the world to create the most epic Fortune GO dreamland and show it to your friends. The items you unlock will make your island more unique and your friends will envy you.

There are many amazing game-play features in Fortune GO:

Travel to different towns, cities, countries, and destinations and meet pirates, Vikings, celebrities and famous landmarks and movie scenes where tyrants, raiders, kings, lords, and masters reign and destroy their rule!

Fight and battle friends and foes and empty their piggy bank.

Collect spins and raids and increase your chance of getting rich by plundering and looting their treasures and coins and become the best Fortune GO player in this slot machine casual game.

Find, collect, and trade amazing cards with gamers around the globe.

Build your personal and wonderful fortune island and have fun showing it off to your Facebook friends and brag.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Start collecting the gems today! But most importantly have fun playing Fortune Go!

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Good experience! I keep getting new cards J This game has kept me hooked for long. I love it.
Balu Lal
Love this game! So much fun!
Wendy Chmielecki
Love it ๐Ÿ˜Š
Liza Michelle
So fun and very relaxing. Visually appealing to the eye's.๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ˜‰
Helen Henke
I just downloaded this game and I really like this game its fun joyful and entertaining
Glenn Poole
Fun game
Donna Lambert