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Welcome to EKGDX: The only EKG App that contains everything you need.

EKGDX is a brand new multi-language online educational platform focused on electrocardiograms. This App is a superb addition to the library of every medical student, nurse, intern, resident, physicians in practice, cardiology fellows that are interested in improving their interpretation of EKGs and preparing for board examinations.

The educational content of the App is organized as follows:


- Contains all the electrocardiographic criteria of each pattern.
- Guidelines.
- Cardiac trials.
- References (1500+ scientific articles).


- More than 500 videos (echocardiograms, angiograms, MRIs, CCTs, EP cases, etc.).
- Heart sounds (auscultation).
- 3D Animations.
- Illustrations.
- EKG Cases.
- Podcast.
- And much more.

Volume I

- It contains several qbanks with different levels of complexity, which will allow you to practice in a simple way with single-lead EKGs.

Volume II

- Volume II (Set A) contains 100 EKG challenges, from basic principles to clinical presentation. Each case study is presented in the standard twelve-lead EKG with ABIM answer sheet, ideally suited for physicians preparing for the Cardiovascular Disease Certification Exam and other exams requiring EKG interpretation.


- The dashboard contains several graphs that help you to analyze your learning process. At the same time, you will be able to identify you knowledge gaps and target areas to improve.

Top 10

- The Top 10 contains the most popular cases of the App. In other words, the more visits a case receives, the more popular it becomes.

The subscription (12.99 USD/Month) includes:

- Full access to the Criteria.
- Full access to the Gallery.
- Full access to the Qbanks.
- Full access to the Dashboard.
- Full access to the Guidelines.
- Full access to the Cardiac Trials.
- 1500+ scientific articles.
- Continuous updates.
- Cancel any time.
- Volume II is not included.

Volume II ($59.99 for 6 months of access)

- Volume II (Set A) contains 100 EKG Challenges.
- Standard twelve-lead EKG format.
- ABIM answer sheet.
- Timer questions.
- After six months has elapsed, you must renew your access for another six months of Volume II.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us by email ([email protected]) or visit our website

Thank you for using EKGDX.


EKGDX team.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is EKGDX?

EKGDX is a multi-language online educational platform focused on electrocardiograms.