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About SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles & logic problems

A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questions that require creative approach.

Looking for a game that is brilliant, creative and strange at the same time? Now you can become a logic mastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky logic puzzles you have ever seen!

Logic puzzles contains tricky brain teasers that incorporate use of memory, attention and the ability to think in unconventional ways.

This is the first version of a brilliant and unusual logic puzzles that tests your attention and ability to think outside the box.

- Very simple and addictive gameplay
- 100+ logic puzzles
- 94 logic problems designed to develop your IQ, memory and intelligence
- 24 logic puzzles on speed to improve your cognitive abilities
- Achievement Boards
- Cognitive Score Evaluation
- High quality and lovely minimalistic graphics
- Stylish and minimalistic design combined with intuitive controls
- One finger touch controls


You do not need to be genius to play SWITCH or NOT. However if you are genius, you're more than welcome to try :)

There are more than 100 unique and funny logic problems. What you need is to try various creative approaches to reach the solution.


SWITCH or NOT is an addictive free IQ game and find out if you are genius like Einstein or not! This crazy game is an ingenious puzzle with a series of funny brain teasers and absurd solutions that you will never ever think before.


- Works offline so you can solve logic puzzles wherever you are.
- Unlock new creative logic problems
- Exercise your brain with intellectual logic games and boost your mental capacities
- Improve your memory, concentration and mindfullness.


SWITCH or NOT is a fun based brain training game designed to improve attention, flexibility, visual and spatial processing and memory skills. The more you solve the logic puzzles, the more you will raise up critical cognitive skills that are designed to boost your productivity and creating alternative solutions for the daily logic problems.

Try to advance your mental core abilities, challenge your friends, compare your performance and motivate each other. A stronger working memory enables quicker learning and an improvement in brain connectivity.

By playing this game you will not only have fun, but you will also update your mental skills and cognitive abilities

- Improve your memory
- Train your creativity
- Increase your visual processing
- Prove your ability of problem solving
- Train shape and color coordination


Follow the instructions carefully. Some questions may be tricky or need a different approach to solve. Those small logic puzzles will help you to power up your attention, focus thoughts on a specific item, train spatial thinking and improve your mental skills at all.


Could you be a genius, are you smart enough solve all the test to beat your friends to get the think highest IQ outside your game? Try this innovative logic puzzles to improve your speed of think and try to figure it outside the circle.

As you can see people commented that their coginitive skills were challenged, they were forced to think alternative ways to solve logic problems, so their reasoning ability progressed.

Enjoy brain training game and improve your cognitive abilities.

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