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About Rinse | Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Rinse is the most convenient dry cleaning and laundry door-to-door delivery service. We’ll pick up your clothes and other laundry items and work with highly-vetted local partners to clean and deliver them to your door in just a few days. Next-Day Rush service is available for all Wash & Fold orders.

We currently serve customers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Boston.

With Rinse, you’ll get:
- High-quality cleaning, guaranteed
- Door-to-door pickup and delivery, always between 8pm and 10pm
- Service 7 days a week, including Sundays
- Personalized cleaning preferences
- Transparent pricing, no hidden fees or surcharges
- Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
- Convenient, cashless payment


How Rinse works:

We Pick Up
Schedule your first pickup for any day of the week.
Your Rinse Valet will stop by between 8pm and 10pm with everything you need to get started - even your own, personalized Rinse bags. Just fill 'em up and confirm your delivery date and cleaning preferences with your Valet.

We Clean
Our cleaning experts have decades of experience to keep you looking your best.
- Whether it's Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold, or Hang Dry, we'll take care of you.
- We'll check your pockets and remove pens, receipts, and other items that don't belong.
- We're passionate about Mother Nature and our customers, too. We recycle hangers, accept clothing donations, and never use the harmful chemical Perc.

We Deliver
On the day of your scheduled delivery, we'll text you to remind you that your Valet will arrive between 8pm and 10pm. You can even check in on your Valet's status in real-time!

Not Home? No Problem
With our optional Rinse Drop service, we can pick up and drop off right from your doorstep or concierge.

Visit to learn more!

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The timetable for the whole of Switzerland in your pocket: ZVV-Timetable shows you the fastest connection between stops and addresses. Save your most important locations and connections as favorites and get to your timetable quickly and easily. Display the next departures from a (nearby) stop or define this function as the start page. ZVV-Timetable informs you about timetable changes due to construction sites, events or unexpected events on the ZVV network. Buy your ticket directly in the ZVV ticket app.

Schedule functions:
• Journeyplanner (in real time)
• Location based search
• Search for barrier-free connections
• Individual traffic reports can be subscribed to
• Alternative itineraries
• Setting Favorites for Places and Connections
• Next departures/ Timetable (selectable as start page)
• Direct connection with ZVV ticket app

Supported regions:
• Entire public transport in Switzerland
• Border region to Baden-Württemberg

Our timetable team is constantly developing the ZVV timetable app further. Tell us where we can improve or what you particularly appreciate: [email protected], Tel. 0848 988 988 (CHF 0.08/min.).

We wish you a pleasant journey!

BoomTown Now

BoomTown Now


Responsiveness and service are the measures of a great real estate agent. BoomTown NOW enables you to respond faster, move quickly, and get more done. Convert, engage, and close more deals ... no matter where you are.

- Freedom to be with clients, not chained your desk
- Initiate or continue any client communication at any moment.
- Respond to more leads in the shortest amount of time
- Increase productivity to engage and convert more leads
- See and react to important events the second they happen
- More time + more clients = more closed deals

Stay responsive, stay on top of your to-dos, and stay ahead of the game with proactive insights. NOW: a better way to make real connections.

CleanCloud - Dry Cleaning & Laundry

CleanCloud - Dry Cleaning & Laundry


Book your dry cleaning, laundry orders with any dry cleaner, laundry, shoe cleaning or alterations service that uses CleanCloud.

CleanCloud is used by dry cleaners, laundry and wash and fold services in over 200 cities in over 80 countries around the world, including New York, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Sydney, Mumbai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Toronto and Auckland. By using CleanCloud you can start placing your orders with a local service straight away.

+ Select your local dry cleaner, laundry or wash and fold service based on your country and city
+ Place your pickup & delivery, in-store, or locker order
+ If your order is a pickup & delivery they will come pickup your order. Otherwise drop off your order at the store or locker.
+ You will be notified of the progress of the order. Once your order is ready, they will deliver it back to you, or you can pick up your completed order from the store.
+ Be sure to take advantage of our contactless features, like making payment from the app, and checking in when you arrive to pick up a completed in-store order from the store. Some stores will bring out the completed order to your car.

+ Book pickup and delivery orders
+ Book in-store orders
+ Book locker orders
+ Select items for your order
+ Set your location by GPS (where applicable)
+ Pay securely online
+ Track driver location as they come to pickup/deliver your order
+ View your order history and track order progress
+ Create repeat pickup and deliveries
+ Join subscriptions
+ Receive notifications with updates for your order
+ Earn free credit with referral codes
+ Update your Account

If you can't find your local dry cleaner or laundry service on the app, then ask them to sign up for CleanCloud to help power their business. CleanCloud provides software for dry cleaning and laundry services around the world.

Landing | Furnished Apartments

Landing | Furnished Apartments


Say hello to a better way to live. Landing is a membership that gives you access to a nationwide network of fully furnished apartments with flexible leases. No matter where you land, it’ll always feel like home.

Break free from the restrictions of traditional renting. You never need to worry about putting down a deposit or paying application fees. With Landing, your reservation works for you.

The process is simple.

1. Download the app to browse over 20,000 apartments in 375+ cities.
2. Book your dream apartment with our easy application and approval process.
3. Enjoy a seamless moving experience. While you pack, we’ll prepare a spotless, furnished apartment before move-in day.
4. Manage your reservation on the app. Make payments, schedule services, and get help 24/7 from our member experience team.
5. Extend your reservation if you want to stay longer or transfer to another Landing with just 2 weeks’ notice.

Stay how you want
- Reservations begin at 30 days and last for as long as you need. Transfer around the network or stay put.

Premium amenities and furnishings
- Every apartment is outfitted with stylish furnishings, spaces for work and leisure, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The utilities and WiFi will be connected before you arrive, too.

Free travel for every member
- Stay with Landing on your next getaway. Travel stays give you 7 free nights to use anywhere in the network.

Peace of Mind Guarantee
- If you’re not completely satisfied within your first week, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

- Equal housing opportunity. To learn more about us, see our terms and conditions, and read our privacy policy visit

QLess - Queuing Software

QLess - Queuing Software


QLess Mobile Queuing lets you take control of your waiting experience at hundreds of different businesses around the world. We have given back over 1000 years of otherwise-wasted time to over 30 million users so far.

You can use this app to:

• Find QLess businesses near you
• Join their virtual lines
• Manage your spot in line while you wait, including seeing your forecast wait time and position in line in real-time, and moving back in line if you need more time
• Get notified when you've reached the front of the line

QLess businesses include:

• Stores
• DMVs
• State, city, and federal government offices
• Urgent care, doctors' offices, and hospitals
• Colleges
• Restaurants
• Auto dealers
• Animal shelters
• Car rentals
• Insurance agencies
• Shooting ranges
• Tax services
• Salons
• Family entertainment centers

If you know a business that has long waits and doesn't show up in QLess yet, visit to find out how you can help bring QLess there.

Wait forecasts are estimates, and may change at any time due to changes in staff availability, emergencies and other unpredictable factors




**This application requires a VUSION Cloud monthly subscription. If you do not have a subscription, please contact your sales representative or contact us directly from our website.**

What is VUSION Link ?

Increasing customers loyalty is key for retailers. To do so, in-store staff must be available to shoppers to provide them better information and services. Developed by SES-Imagotag, VUSION Link is an application for Android, that helps operators save time and focus on these higher value-added tasks through easy and fast labels and items management.

5 reasons why you’ll love this App:

✓ Improved store efficiency with a global view of all in-store operations
✓ Higher flexibility by operating directly at the shelf​
✓ Automatic configuration of the store​
✓ Available on Smartphone and PDA​
✓ Compatible with our new VUSION Labels and VUSION Rails ​

VUSION Link main features:


Easily match your labels with one or more items in your store. VUSION Link is also compatible with our latest device : the VUSION Rail. Choose the label template you want and implement your marketing strategy with the price scenarios that have been established.


Optimize your in-store operations by quickly finding your labels using the label flash. Refresh the image on the screen to make sure prices and details are always up-to-date and trigger a page switch with one click to view additional information (stock levels, next delivery date and quantities, etc).


Look for your product in the store and find them easily thanks to the label flash. Change your items details and prices in real-time and increase your customer satisfaction with always up-to-date product information.

For more informations: click here

So far so good. With three little kids this service has been a life saver. Thankfully they have a hypoallergenic no-scent option which is the only way it works for us. We signed up for Rinse Repeat and after...
Love it ☺️
TMJ Johnson
Signed up for an annual subscription and so far so good. Definitely gonna enjoy not having to do laundry in 2021.
Daniel Hao