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About RCForb Client

This is a pre-release version of RCForb Client. Not all features are complete and we will be incorporating public feedback as RCForb Client matures into a stable release.

Enjoy operating remote amateur transceivers & more by joining our community today! Don't miss rare DX you may never have a chance to hear. Test your own signal propagation, are you being heard in a DX location? Multiple operator support allows for new methods of contesting, nets, round tables, etc. between RF and REMOTE operators.

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It is a great app. Those complaining about not being able to transmit clearly do not understand the concept. One thing that certainly can be improved is sending CW "as you type" similar to PC client. Used wh...
Andre C
Intagrates fully and allows all allowed features of a station to be operated. Recommended!
Peter King
This program it's definitely a winner! One of the friendliest and easiest to configure. It allows you to control your ham radio remotely. It didn't take long to get it going. Thank you NOTE: There some minor...
Roberto Dabdoub