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About StudentPlus

StudentPlus gives each student secure, mobile access to their grades, scores, attendance, schedule, and homework. Students can easily view school announcements, alerts and a personalized, combined calendar. StudentPlus creates a stronger connection between the school and the student by sharing information that is critical for success and learning.

To register your school, just open the app, enter the username you use to access the main web version of PlusPortals, and press the magnifying glass icon. Your school will appear on the list below - select your school, press "Register" and enter your password. See for full details.

If your username is not recognized, please contact your school to find out if they have subscribed to StudentPlus mobile app access.

It is abosolutely awesome it shows me my school that im in and shows my actual grade for all of my classes and shows me the work i finishedand not finished. Download this app it's great and eve though theres...
Zyrhone Gapor
Oh ya it's cool good
i am nobody
Genesis Boone