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About RecovR: Vehicle Theft Recovery

A new car or truck is a big investment - one that everyone wants to protect - but auto theft is on the rise. By buying the RecovR vehicle locator from your car or truck dealer and downloading this powerful app, you will be able to find your vehicle if it’s stolen and communicate its location quickly and easily to law enforcement, check if you're vehicle has been towed, find your vehicle if you forgot where you parked, locate a tardy teenager who’s missed curfew, or lock your car to a specific location and be notified if it’s ever moved. RecovR offers complete privacy and puts you in control of your own data - nobody can access your vehicle’s location except you and those you give permission to do so (e.g. the police). And when you purchase RecovR from your preferred dealer and your car is stolen and not returned, we offer a limited warranty that will reimburse you up to $6000 to pay for any costs you might incur (insurance deductible, downpayment on a new car)*. Using RecovR may even entitle you to up to a 15% discount on your car insurance!** Ask your favorite dealership about RecovR today!

* Limited warranty not available in all states.
** Varies by insurance provider

A really clean UI, simple and functional.
John Phelps