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About Bonavendi

Bonavendi - Price comparion for used items

Sell your used books, CDs, DVDs, blurays, video games and computer games online for the highest price. Recommerce vendors buy your used books, CDs, movies or videogames at a fixed price. Don't waste your time with internet auctions or garage sales! In most cases, the vendors even pay the shipping fees.

There are numerous recommerce vendors in the US, and the prices offered for the same item differ significantly. Quite often, the best offer is two or three times higher than the average one. With Bonavendi, it is extremly easy to find out who offers most for your items. You always sell for the highest price and quickly save more than $100 compared to selling all items to the same vendor.
The app supports selling your items fast and comfortable. It provides a barcode scanner, using the built-in camera to capture dozens of items in just a few minutes. After scanning your items, transfer the list to your personal item list on your Bonavendi account. You can even scan your items when you are offline & transfer them to your personal item list on your account later on.

This personal item list can be accessed via your account on the website, allowing you to perform the actual sale conveniently with your PC or Mac.

Currently, Bonavendi compares the following recommerce US vendors: Bluerocket Books, Book It Buyback, Bookbyte, Bookjingle, Bookstores, Buyback101, Buybackmedia, Cash4books, Ckybooks, K12BookBuyer, MX123, Powell's book, SecondSpin, Sellbackyourbook, SellDvdsOnline, Textbookrecycling,, TopDollar4Books, Valorebooks

German vendors:
1-2-Ankauf, Amazon, Bamas, Barfix, Blidad, Buchankauf24, BuchankaufOnline, Bü, Buchmaxe, Buchpfand, BuchX, Cash4Games, Cashfix, EasyAnkauf, Flip4new, Flohhaus, GebrauchtMedienAnkauf, Geldgegenware, IchKaufeAlles, Ichkaufsab, Ihr Ankauf, Medienkosmos, Medifanten, Mehrwegbuch, Momox, MusicMagpie,, Regalfrei, Regame, Sellfix, Selldorado, Spieletipps, Topankauf, Verkaufe deine CDs, Verkaufsuns, Wirkaufens, Zoxs

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bonavendi?

Bonavendi is a price comparison website and app for selling used items like books, CDs, DVDs, video games, and more.

How does Bonavendi work?

Bonavendi compares prices offered by various recommerce vendors and helps you sell your items for the highest price. It also provides a barcode scanner feature for easy item entry.

Can I sell my items online through Bonavendi?

Yes, you can sell your items online through Bonavendi. It supports selling through recommerce vendors that offer fixed prices for your items.

Are there any shipping fees involved?

In most cases, the recommerce vendors even pay the shipping fees when you sell your items through Bonavendi.

How can I access my personal item list on Bonavendi?

You can access your personal item list on Bonavendi through your account on their website, This allows you to conveniently perform the actual sale with your PC or Mac.

Which vendors does Bonavendi compare in the US?

Bonavendi compares prices from various recommerce vendors in the US, including Bluerocket Books, Book It Buyback, Bookbyte, Bookjingle, and many more.

Are there any German vendors compared by Bonavendi?

Yes, Bonavendi also compares prices from German recommerce vendors such as 1-2-Ankauf, Amazon, Bamas, Barfix, and many others.
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