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About Linear MQTT Dashboard

Easy, customizable control panel - MQTT-client.
The solution for your IoT, DIY devices.

Source codes -

Available widgets:
- Header
- Slider
- Value
- Switch
- Button
- Meter
- Graph
- Buttons set
- Combo box


★ Tabs

★ Order of widgets can be changed. Number of widgets is not limited to the size of the screen - the list can be scrolled.

★ Status of network connection and MQTT broker displayed RGB LED.

★ Ability to receive push notifications even when the app is closed.

★ Corrective message from the widget "Value" by long press on the value (in the widget settings, you must specify the topic of publication of the new value).

★ Two meanings of the text messages and the two labels are available for the widget "Button" - for the states "pressed" / "not pressed" respectively. You can also specify a "retained" for messages.

★ Widget "Meter" can display the value of by a different color (alarm zone, yellow and red), if value approaches the limits of measurement. Thresholds limit values can be specified separately for the lower and upper boundaries.

★ Widgets Slider and Meter can handle decimals

★ Share settings

★ JavaScript to represent the value of some widgets

★ Graph widget displays the value of an array of double and integer types in JSON format, payload for example of payload: [1,2,100.88] or [100.5, 200, 0, 0, 0, -10]

★ Graph widget in live mode

★ Graph widget in 'historical' mode (1h, 4h etc.), see "Application server mode" in application serttings

★ "Buttons set" widget allows place several buttons in one place

★ Widget Combo box to work with a predefined list of values

★ "Application server mode" - the ability to handle incoming MQTT messages using JavaScript even when the app is in the background. See OnReceive().

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Love it, easy and simple. Although I don't fully understand the different time options in a graph (live, 1h, 4h... ), the only one that works for me is live.
Daniel Ibaseta
Excellent App! Just one suggestion: An option inside Settings to remove the Play/Edit button from the dashboard will be helpful for us who share the dashboard with our noob friends
Van Nelle
Excellent app, just really needs a option for "End User Mode". to disable the play-pause button and always be on.
mite torteski