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About SoT Companion (Unofficial)

Whether ye be just getting yer sea legs or ye be an old salt, this interactive world map will help ye navigate the Sea of Thieves.

—X Marks the Spot!—
…if by “x” you mean bright round map markers…

This companion gives you a comprehensive—and frequently updated—map with markers for that which you seek.

With so much to explore in the Sea of Thieves, it’s no wonder the map is awash in markers! So—just like pirate flags—each marker category boasts its own colors and symbol. That way you can quickly and easily find what your voyage needs.

Marker Categories

• Legends of the Sea

• The Seabound Soul Tall Tale

• Shores of Gold Tall Tales
• Festival of the Damned
• Skeleton Thrones

• Trading Companies
◊ Gold Hoarders
◊ Merchant Alliance
◊ Order of Souls
◊ Hunter's Call

• Outposts
◊ Outposts
◊ Shipwrights
◊ Taverns

• Points of Interest
◊ Cooking Spots
◊ Sea Posts
◊ Volcanoes
◊ Docks
◊ Easter Eggs
◊ Island landmarks
◊ Rock paintings
◊ Skeleton forts
◊ Ammo chests
◊ Cannons
◊ Uncharted Islands
◊ Shipwrecks
◊ Gunpowder Barrels

• Animals
◊ Chickens
◊ Pigs
◊ Snakes

• Campaigns
◊ The Hungering Deep
◊ The Cursed Sails
◊ Forsaken Shores

—Filter by Categories—

Need to find the nearest Gold Hoarders to sell your treasure chest? Then you might not need to see where all the animals are right now. Filter by Gold Hoarders to shoo the little scallywags off the map.

Want to sell some chickens, pigs or snakes to the Merchant Alliance? Bring back those animals! Filter by animals and the merchant alliance.

—Search for Specifics—

Stuck in a riddle? Try searching for key terms. It might just unlock your path forward.

—Tap to Pop—

Tap a marker to pop-up a window with an image of your destination.

How does this help?
Well, just off-hand, we can think of a couple scenarios.

•Scenario 1•
Before you wander too far, you might want to be sure you are headed in the right direction. Tap the marker to confirm it’s what you seek.

•Scenario 2•
You’ve arrived at the marker, but you’re still not seeing it? Tap the marker to get a closer look.

…occasionally, these pop-ups will also include fun facts or helpful tips…

—Plan Your Voyage—

Use the "Plan Voyage" feature found under Settings to set route markers, in order of visit, on the map.

—Island Finder—

Use our Island Finder feature by clicking the Question Mark button to quickly find islands from your X Marks The Spot map.

—Peruse the Shops—

Use the "Shop Preview" to scroll and search through the cosmetics offered by the Weapon shop, Equipment shop, Clothing shop and Shipwright for each outpost.

Sea of Thieves Companion is a third-party application. This application is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Rare Ltd. or Microsoft Game Studios.

…we’re just really big fans…

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the SoT Companion?

SoT Companion is an interactive world map that helps navigate the Sea of Thieves.

What does the companion provide?

The companion provides a comprehensive and frequently updated map with markers for various categories.

What are the marker categories?

The marker categories include Legends of the Sea, The Seabound Soul Tall Tale, Shores of Gold Tall Tales, Festival of the Damned, Skeleton Thrones, Trading Companies, Outposts, Points of Interest, Animals, and Campaigns.

How can I filter the markers?

You can filter the markers by categories to easily find what you need.

Can I search for specific terms?

Yes, you can search for key terms to help you in your journey.

How can tapping a marker help?

Tapping a marker will open a window with an image of your destination, providing confirmation or a closer look.

How can I plan my voyage?

You can use the "Plan Voyage" feature in the settings to set route markers on the map.

Is there an Island Finder feature?

Yes, you can use the Island Finder feature to quickly locate islands on the map.

Can I preview the shops?

Yes, you can use the "Shop Preview" to scroll and search through the cosmetics offered by different shops at each outpost.

Is the SoT Companion an official application?

No, the SoT Companion is a third-party application and is not associated with Rare Ltd. or Microsoft Game Studios.
Great app works well
tough tiger
Usefull and easy to use. Perfect for a noobie and a pro
For the Galactic Empire
Very helpful for finding islands
Christopher F
7NewsBrisbane has . You
Alex Mintram-Chattell
Honestly was really useful and helpful
TropicalWaffle 1
Quality is Excellent, perfect for everything Sot!
Corey Moseman