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About Dice Statistics

Dice Statistics is a dice roller and calculator with a built-in statistical ouput for estimating the odds of scoring dice rolls.

- Roll any sum, multiplication, or power of dice, e.g.: 4d120 + d6 * d6^0.5
- (H)igh rolls: 4d6H3 - roll four 6-sided dice, keep the 3 highest
- (L)ow rolls: 2d20L - roll two 20-sided dice, keep the lowest
- See dice roll distributions for your rolls and quickly estimate odds for scoring more/less/equal than a certain value.

Dice roll distributions can be useful for any serious gamer, such as a d&d rpg player to estimate the probability of scoring hits or dealing certain amount of damage. (H)igh and (L)ow rolls can be easily used also for 5th edition Advantage/Disadvantage rolls.

Dice syntax:
xdy : rolls a y-sided dice for x times and sums the results
xdyHz : same as above, but take only z highest rolls
xdyLz : same as above, but take only z lowest rolls
d0y : roll a dice which has also a zero side; i.e., roll results are 0,...,y

I've been looking for an app to replace my venerable dice roller, which was removed from the Play Store due to its author no longer updating it. Out of all the options I've tried on the Play Store this is th...
Steven Ege
Great App. Would love to see the dice syntax guide in the app itself for those of us who need reference from time to time.
Azrul Zulkifli
5 stars, but could you add frequency distribution to the statistics? Percentages are nice, but I would like to see the actual number of times each result would be seen if every option in the spread was rol...